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Application Form

1.  All NGOs must be registered at NITI Ayog portal and should obtain unique identifiers and mention/enclose the same while submitting their applications for loans from RMK.  They should also submit the PAN cards and Aadhar numbers of all trustees, Office bearers of entities alongwith the application.  

NGOs to note that all loan release/disbursals to beneficiaries will be linked to Aadhar enrolment only.

The Government has decided to make PAN number of NGOs mandatory. All NGOs to add/ update / submit their organisation PAN number without fail.

2. The NGO to give a declaration to the effect that it has on-lend the money for the purpose for which the loan was provided by RMK.

3. NGOs to ensure that the loan release to beneficiaries are linked to Aadhar enrolment only without fail. For this purpose they will have to collect the Aadhar number and verify identity of the loan applicants throught Aadhar authentication or E - KYC.  

4. The details of beneficiaries to be updated regularly and in the event of the beneficiary acquiring a government job or any other benefit they should be excluded immediately.

5. All loan disbursals to be Aadhar linked by 31st December 2017.

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